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What Being the Heiress to a $5B Fortune Has Taught This Woman About Doing Business

Affluent young Asians are the flavor of the moment, in Hollywood at least. But the truth of the matter is, Asia’s wealth isn’t entirely new. The region has heard the roar of a number of economic tigers over the past few decades and now Vietnam is riding that wave. Since

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Mixing Family with Business: Lessons in How To Do it Successfully

Can you imagine living above your business? Not only that, your ‘housemates’ are your family members who you also happen to work with, everyday? I’m pretty sure this scenario would come across as weird or downright unappealing for most people in the West. But for me, it’s part and parcel

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#MeToo vs. #StandTaller: One Millennial’s Mission to Lead the Next Generation of Female Business Tycoons

What’s the status of Vietnam’s women in business? The only way to answer this is to say, “it’s complicated”. About 73 percent of women participate in Vietnam’s workforce, compared to 82 percent of men. It’s an impressive figure, by any country’s standards. However, many of these women are in low

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